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Before we answer any of your questions, you need to pay to book one of our great massage therapists, hence we encourage you to book now via the button below. We don’t communicate with the public until you choose to become part of our cliental group. This is to ensure our time and our service providers carefully used, and because we provide all necessary information on our booking process and info page.

Once you have booked we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Should you need to query us in relation to any matter, be it payment queries or previous bookings, you can contact us on 07399 323 507or via the below form. We repeat that we will not answer or respond to queries you have until you have paid your booking fee, in line with our terms of service.

or, if you have paid a booking fee, you can mail us below

Saves You Time

Our massage therapists coming to you, saves you time.


Your payment is via PayPal with your Debit or Credit Card. Payment to the service provider is in CASH ONLY, on arrival to your home or work location.

Seamless Communication

Once you book and pay to schedule your service provider, it is easy to communicate with us.