Terms and Conditions

Here are the detailed Terms and Conditions that you abide by when booking one of our erotic massage therapists.


***By paying your booking fee you agree to the below terms and conditions***

Erotic Massage “FOR YOU” and “FOR YOU” Services Group accepts no responsibility or liability for the services provided by our freelance team. It is your responsibility to remain safe and protect your household belongings. And to carefully manage the situation when having a new person in your home who you have not met before.

Erotic Massage “FOR YOU”  is a fun and entertaining spin on traditional mobile massage services. It needs to be undertaken in a respectful and supportive environment.

Before we dispatch our Erotic Massage Therapist “FOR YOU” , you must accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. You have read and understand the Rules / FAQs that we provide our services under, which is detailed for you
  2. That you will be respectful to the massage therapist (you maybe cheeky / playful yet do not be dis-respectful). We recognise you may get “excited”, yet please keep your hands to yourself and allow the massage therapist to do their job.
  3. We are politely stating that you are not able to touch the therapist as they massage you. Of course, they will be required to touch you.
  4. That you will neither harass nor subject the massage therapist to any degrading verbal instructions.
  5. That you will not encroach on or invade the service providers’ personal space.
  6. That you understand that the massage therapist will report into the central hub (or confidant) to update them of progress during their visit at defined times (start,middle,completion).
  7. That if there is any violation of the above rules, that you will be blacklisted from any future bookings through FOR YOU Services, and we may contact the police if appropriate.
  8. Payment needs to be made on ARRIVAL to the mobile erotic massage therapist (CASH ONLY) at the massage location. This is important as it ensures the funds are available to them and they will be paid as agreed.
  9. Changes to your booking can only be made 24 hours before your booking, and at a £10 charge per change of booking time. This is to limit changes to bookings as you impact our service providers timetable.
  10. Bookings starting at 8pm plus incur a £30 surcharge*.
  11. Bookings starting at 9pm plus incur a £40 surcharge*.  *These surcharges are to cover for transport and associated costs incurred for late night bookings.
  12. You understand that if your booking can not be serviced for your first ideal requested time, it will be filled at a later time when your requested therapist is available and the schedule works in with you. Your fee paid remains valid until your massage is completed. Also that we are able to offer an alternative massage therapist if your preferred therapist is unavailable, however we will always work with you and delay the booking until your preferred provider is available. We won’t simply “fill” the job immediately with the first available provider, unless you request this.
  13. Erotic Massage “FOR YOU” and FOR YOU Services takes no responsibility or liability for the services provided by our freelance team. It is your responsibility to keep items and belongings, and all associated household items secure.
  14. You must provide your massage location address (in full, including flat number) in our booking form, when creating  a booking. This is to ensure the query made to our service provider references an accurate address.
  15. When you complete the booking you must immediately advise us the full address including flat number for where the service is to take place, so that the location we query the service provider to attend is full and correct (your can SMS or WhatsApp these to +44 7399 323 507 or email [email protected]). You must also provide us with the full access details, including entry codes and the full detail of how to access your flat or home should this be difficult in any way. This must be provided immediately and cannot be left until the final day or final hour before your booking. Should you not provide full details on completion of your booking, we will request an additional administration fee of £10 to complete the booking. The service provider will not be contacting you on their approach (due to privacy, they will not be provided your phone number or email), only your address, hence you must provide us the full access details on completion of your booking fee payment.
  16. That you will not exchange contact details with our service provier.
  17. That you will pay for parking costs, if these are incurred by our service provider.
  18. We respectfully ask you to also cover their travel by tube / train if this is required (a nominal standard amount at your discretion).
  19. We will provide all of your details to the Police or other administrator if required, for breach to the above terms.
Refunds policy: We are a professional business and strive for 5 star ratings, from bookings team to service providers. When you book with “FOR YOU” Services you are booking an experience. Although we can fill most same day and last minute bookings, we recommend forward booking of at least 24 hours. Our team often have their own jobs, have busy personal lives and commitments so last minute bookings don’t give them time to adjust availability. We commit to providing you the team member you want, and will only back fill with an alternative on your approval. Your booking fee is held until the booking is complete, and you provide us a maximum (although rarely required), of 30 days to complete your booking with your requested team member, and you will provide us with sufficient opportunities to complete this. If you wish to cancel before then we will refund 50% of your booking fee. Should we not fill the booking in the 30 days, we will refund in full. When you pay your booking fee you are paying for an administrative / scheduling process with the service provider. Once this is completed to your original request, the booking is complete (admin and scheduling) and you will not be refunded should your agenda change.

Finally: At all times the massage therapist is to be respected. If you will not support this approach, we will be unable to dispatch our service provider for this task. This is a generic message where while we believe 99% of our customers act in a good spirit, we must still send these pointers / statements to ensure a positive and professional environment for our therapist.

When you choose to go ahead with a booking you agree to the above. If you do not, please notify us and we will cancel your booking.

Legals (UK Law) and Presentation of this Website: We operate this site professionally and with good intentions, under our best understanding of the laws within the UK permitting provision of a website of this nature. If there is any concern or belief that we are not operating this site lawfully, we request that we are provided with the reasons why, due time to remedy or if appropriate the time to change, update or if required, drop (remove) this website. FOR YOU Services is a bookings feeder, and does not profit from our service providers in any way other than to take an initial bookings payment (covering administration fees). Please submit to [email protected] any queries that you may have.