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The booking process & To Pay Your Booking Fee

We provide detailed information on our booking process and refunds policy below, which we encourage you to read carefully.

With PayPal payments, no account is required and you can pay with your Debit or Credit Card.

  1. Payment of your booking fee is via PayPal with your Debit or Credit Card (NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS REQUIRED). PAYPAL is secure and we do not hold your credit card details, this being for your payment security. Your card will only state “FOR YOU”, with no reference to “Erotic Massage” in any manner.
  2. All bookings are subject to our Terms & Conditions (Terms of Service), which you must abide by when booking. Terms and Conditions are seen here >

Booking Process

  • To begin working with us and becoming one of our cliental, you need to pay your booking/scheduling fee before we work with you to schedule your booking or answer any queries you may have. This is because all required information is listed within this website (see the Info section, for FAQ’s and Terms and Conditions), and to not waste any of our teams time (including our booking team and team members). It is essentially to confirm you are genuine about your booking and working with us. When you pay your scheduling fee, we then progress your booking with our mobile erotic massage therapists, and answer queries you may have.
  • Your booking fee is held until your massage is completed. If your massage is not able to take place on the first scheduled time you request (due to your desired massage therapist being unavailable), we are able to complete it when the team member and you are next both available. 
  • Although we are usually able to fill last minute and on the day bookings, we recommend that you provide at least 24 hours notice, so that the team member can be sufficiently prepared for your booking.
  •  Our booking fee is a low £30. You are required to pay this to our parent, “FOR YOU” Services Group, to begin the scheduling process (to confirm you are genuine about the booking and to pay for admin fees). 
  • Once you pay your booking fee, you will be forwarded to a successful payment page which provides further details.
  • The total fee for a 60 minute booking is £90 (you pay a £30 booking fee to “FOR YOU” Services (our parent business), and the massage therapist £60 in CASH ONLY on arrival. 
  • The total fee for a 90 minute booking is £120 (you pay a £30 booking fee to “FOR YOU” Services (our parent business), and the massage therapist £90 in CASH ONLY on arrival.
  • Should you want the massage therapist to be naked while they massage you, it costs an extra £40 (paid in cash to the massage therapist).
  • Our team of erotic massage therapists are mobile service providers, and arrive to your place via their own car, train, tube or bus. They do not arrive with a driver.
  • Once you pay your booking fee, you are able to contact us on +44 7399 323 507 to clarify any matters.

Detailed Terms & Conditions you adhere to are seen here >

Refunds Policy:

We are a professional business and strive for 5 star ratings, from bookings team to service providers. When you book with “FOR YOU” Services you are booking an experience. Although we can fill most same day and last minute bookings, we recommend forward booking of at least 24 hours. We commit to providing you the team member you want, and will only back fill with an alternative on your approval. Your booking fee is held until the booking is complete, and you provide us a maximum (although rarely required), 30 days to complete your booking with your requested team member. If you wish to cancel before then we will refund 50% of your booking fee. Should we not fill the booking in the 30 days, we will refund in full.

Pay Your Booking Fee & FAQs

To book your service provider, and begin as a “FOR YOU” Services client, please pay your booking fee below via PayPal with your Debit or Credit Card (no PayPal account is required), OR, via the booking form on each of our providers profiles.

You can read any further frequently asked questions you may have here >

We will not respond to queries or any requests until your booking / scheduling fee is paid (see below to pay). If you wish to become a valued “FOR YOU” Services client, please pay your booking fee below for us to begin the scheduling of your request.

Please pay “FOR YOU” Services your £30 booking fee with your Debit or Credit Card, via PayPal below (no PayPal account is required) with your Debit or Credit Card, or via the staff members booking form.

PayPal payments are secure (one of the world’s largest payment processing companies), your booking is to our parent “FOR YOU” Services, and your statement will only state “FOR YOU”, again for your privacy (you are charged by “FOR YOU” Services (see, not Erotic Massage “FOR YOU”).

Pay Your Booking / Scheduling Fee Below or via the booking form located on each team member profile - Thank you.

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