Erotic Massage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Erotic Massage “FOR YOU” is part of the “FOR YOU” Services Group (seen at

We provide freelance service providers the opportunity to match with clients.

Is booking an Erotic Massage Therapist legal in the UK?

Yes, believe it or not it is. Perfectly legal.

Your Team, I can book But Also Classifieds?

Yes we provide our own team members who you can book through our website (via a booking process), yet also offer a classifieds section where private freelance or agency service providers can list adverts on our site at low cost (via the Place an Advert / Publish a Classifieds Ad links).

What is mobile massage and erotic massage?

Mobile erotic massage is a fun, entertaining spin on traditional massage services. Massage therapists come to you and work in a respectful and professional environment that our clients adhere to.

We believe the Erotic Massage “FOR YOU” team is the best massage therapist team in and around the UK.

We provide a great team of erotic mobile massage therapists who are professional, intelligent, fun and each unique in their own way. They are to be respected for the adventurous work and task they undertake.

Professionalism? Are you professionals?

Nobody builds a business on the back of poor professionalism.

When you book with Erotic Massage “FOR YOU” (FOR YOU Services), you are booking with a brand that is only wanting to be seen in a glowing light. This means our carefully sourced team members are great, professional, bright and fun individuals.

Our booking team are discreet, also preferring to manage bookings by discreet communication devices  (SMS and WhatsApp). We are 100% professional and not here to use your information for any nefarious reasons! 

How does my therapist arrive to my house, flat or location?

Your erotic massage therapist will arrive dressed in a casual / professional yet understated manner. Being discreet is an absolute must in our industry, and our therapists are true professionals to ensure no attention is drawn to you when you are provided with our elite and adventurous service.

Can I touch the therapist?

No. This is strictly prohibited and against our professional policies. Our massage therapists safety is our priority, and we have various mechanisms in place to ensure their safety. You must not touch or invade the therapists personal space. This is meant to be a professional, fun, entertaining service where our therapist feels happy to do their work professionally.

Can I take photos of the therapist, or video her?

No. We take privacy seriously. Our therapists have a right to privacy, and you have no right to take images or record video. We will undertake legal proceedings if you breach this requirement.

What is this booking fee, and your privacy?

You must pay a “booking fee” to schedule your therapist. This payment is via PayPal (but you simply pay easily with your Debit or Credit Card). No PayPal account is needed.

Your Credit / Debit Card will simply state “For You”, and nothing more (this is wholly discreet), as the transaction is processed by our parent business “FOR YOU” Services.

The booking fee is a portion of your total charge (usually £30 for standard bookings). Therefore, if you see that a 90 minute therapy session for one of your massage therapists costs £120, you pay Erotic Massage “FOR YOU” a £30 booking fee and then pay your massage therapist £90 in cash on arrival. Simple :).

The payment of a booking fee is important to us and the therapist because it guarantees that you are serious about your booking, and enables “FOR YOU” Services to continue operating, and sourcing new therapists.

No we do not accept any booking or schedule therapists, or query availability, without payment of this fee.

Can other people be in the property during the massage service?

No there can only be the client in the house / flat.

What if I get excited?

Our massage therapists are very professional. They won’t get upset and will understand your reaction to their work. 

Can I be naked / nude?

Yes you can – if our service is a full body erotic massage, you are expected to be naked.

Security / Safety of our therapist

We have various mechanisms in place for the safety of our therapist. Our therapists need to be able to message us during their visit, via either cellular connection or your WIFI network (if cellular does not work for the therapist, e.g. in basement flats).

The therapist will not any any address other than that provided by the central hub.

This WIFI connectivity will be requested at the front door, and we will request our therapist messages to our service hub to ensure their safety. On occasion we will request our therapist takes an image of the front of the door area that they are entering, and send to our hub. This is only if the door number or address seems slightly atypical. 

Your home

Our team consists of honest and well-trained people whose backgrounds have been checked, however you are liable for all items in your home and FOR YOU Services accepts no responsibility or liability for the service provided by our freelance team member.

Is this a Sexual Service?

This is not a sexual service, it is an erotic service. With this service you are provided with an entertaining spin on traditional massage.

Illicit activity?

Our therapists are professionals, and we expect you to be as well, therefore please do not attempt to involve our team members in any illicit or unprofessional activity.

Which areas do we service?

We service the whole of the United Kingdom. We started in London and we are growing our team and are looking to add team members throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Some of our staff do have cars, and are often willing to drive to more distant location, usually at an addition cost depending on location/distance.

If you’d like to join our team, please go here >

Liability / Responsibility

Erotic Massage “FOR YOU” and FOR YOU Services accepts no responsibility or liability for the services provided by our freelance team. 

Terms and Conditions

You can see our Terms and Conditions here >