Posting Guidelines

  • Breach of these guidelines will trigger FOR YOU Services (Erotic Massage FOR YOU) to remove or manually adjust your advertisement (at our discretion). Paid for adverts are unlikely to be refunded. 

Be Aware

  • You must be over the age of 18, or the age required by your state, country or territory to view adult material
  • You must provide images which are genuine and of true likeness to the individual being advertised, or if you are an agency advertiser, the individuals posted have given approval to post their image, and that the images presented of your team are true representations of of the people available on your team roster.
  • You must not place images which are naked or nude. Images are to be erotic and sexy, yet not nude or naked or obscene in any way (this includes sexual acts, which are not permitted to be posted).
  • Any indecent (at our discretion) images or postings (for e.g. nude images or sexual imagery) will be modified (at our discretion), or removed if our terms of use and posting guidelines are violated sufficiently.
  • Fake or misleading photos will result in the advert being removed without refund.
  • You must not post fake advertisements, or portray another individual without their consent. We reserve the right to request identification to prove identity. Should you assume the identity of another individual or post fake advertisements we reserve the right to prosecute if required.
  • You must not post repeated 1 day free posts. These are provided for you to test our services, for one post trial post only.

You must not

  •  Promote an agency if you have paid for a freelance listing. Agency listings / advertisements (and associated business or agency web addresses promotion) must be paid for with the agency listing price.
  • Provide a weblink in a freelance listing.
  • Present any information or IP which infringes intellectual property rights or physical rights.
  • You must not reveal information of a private nature of any individual, who has not consented to you revealing that information on this website, and you must not reveal information which violates the privacy of any person or company.
  • Post an ad for goods or services which are prohibited by law.
  • Post an ad depicting sex in any regard, or hints at / represents / glorifies individuals under the legal age, slavery, drug use, violence, suffocation, rape, abuse, animals, guns, knives, urination, or other bodily excrement, or any other similarly related obscene depiction.
  • Provide a phone number which charges premium rates, or if you do, you must specify in BOLD that “THE NUMBER PRESENTED IN THIS ADVERTISEMENT CHARGES PREMIUM COSTLY RATES”, in capital letters at the top and bottom of the advert.
If you are listed on our site as a freelance service provider (part of our elite Erotic Massage “FOR YOU” team), you must not
  • List a classified ad with images which include images which you have listed on our website already.
  • Or include images which reveal aspects of you which will make a reviewer of our classifieds recognise you as part of our team (e.g. tattoos or other feature which give away your identity as being part of our team).
Users can self report breaches of our guidelines or for any objectionable or unlawful content via the following
  • For breach of posting guidelines, terms and conditions or any other issue please notify us at [email protected].
  • For objectionable or infringing or unlawful content please also notify us at [email protected].
  • Users are encouraged to report all scams to us immediately via [email protected], or directly to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud reporting centre.
Should you believe that we need to update our posting guidelines or improve our processes which are aimed to provide a socially aware and professional adult platform, please advise us by email at [email protected]